+28 Verbenaceae References

+28 Verbenaceae References. (verbenaceae) is a small aromatic plant with typical five foliolate leave pattern that is native to china, japan, and india. Verbena (/ v ər ˈ b iː n ə /), also known as vervain or verveine, is a genus in the family verbenaceae.

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Species of verbenaceae contained within the plant list belong to. The leaves are simple and may be entire, toothed, or. The verbenaceae family, also known as vervain, consists of plants mainly from tropical regions like herbs, shrubs, trees, etc.

Taxonomic Study And Medicinal Uses Of The Family Verbenaceae Of Rajshahi Was Carried Out From July 2015 To June 2016.

Verbena (/ v ər ˈ b iː n ə /), also known as vervain or verveine, is a genus in the family verbenaceae. Klasifikasi keluarga verbenaceae baru dibatasi secara sempit mencakup sekitar 35 genus dan 1.200 spesies. The verbenaceae are a faimily, commonly kent as the verbena faimily or vervain faimily, o mainly tropical flouerin plants.

Menurut Sistem Klasifikasi Apg Ii Suku Ini Termasuk Dalam Bangsa Lamiales.

All parts of vn, including leaves, flowers, twigs,. Verbena hastata, also known as the blue vervain, american vervain or swamp verbena is an herbaceous plant in the verbenaceae family. It conteens trees, shrubs, an herbs notable for heids, spikes, or clusters.

Species Of Verbenaceae Contained Within The Plant List Belong To.

Comprende unas 850 especies herbáceas y leñosas, que habitan exclusivamente en países tropicales y subtropicales, creciendo muy pocas especies en. Verbenaceae is a family of variously woody or herbaceous dicotyledons in the order lamiales. Commonly seen all across north.

Herbs, Shrubs Or Small Trees, Sometimes Lianas, Stems Terete Or Quadrangular With Varied Indumentum, Unarmed, Or Sometimes With Prickles Or Spines, Eglandular Or With Resinous.

A total of 9 species. It contains about 150 species of annual and perennial herbaceous or semi. They have opposite or whorled leaves and regular or irregular flowers, usually with four or two.

(Verbenaceae) Is A Small Aromatic Plant With Typical Five Foliolate Leave Pattern That Is Native To China, Japan, And India.

Range of floral structures 5. The plant list includes 2,647 scientific plant names of species rank for the family verbenaceae. [plural noun] a family of herbs, shrubs, and trees (order polemoniales) having opposite leaves, chiefly irregular flowers, and entire ovary.

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