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The Right Way to Earn Money from the Internet Even with Minimal Skill The Right Way to Earn Money from the Internet Even with Minimal Skill – Making money from the internet is an advantage of someone, why is it superior !? Because perseverance is the answer. Then do you want to earn as well as those who are already successful? then How do you get money on the internet for beginners? Science How to get money on the internet for beginners where do you start? Then what is true? How to get money on the internet for beginners is real? The answer is there … !!!

I discuss this article or topic in detail here, so the discussion is quite long.

Those who want to be instant don’t use it for a long time, so they can enter the google AdSense course list and livestock please enter the cheap google AdSense livestock course.

In this age of technology and the internet, you must first look for that question on Google. Then, are you tired of searching on Google with various keywords like:

  • How to make money from the internet quickly.
  • How to make money easily.
  • How to generate from the internet without capital.
  • And there are many more you are looking for on Google.

But what is the result? still confused? Or is it really confusing because it reads a lot but doesn’t know where to start? Because all the contents of the tutorial are the same and nothing works that match the talent you have.

I am writing this because I have experienced like you beginners, I am also a new beginner for about 2 months. I get money from the internet selling AdSense, AdSense livestock, giving a little solution for beginner friends how to set this up until they give me wages and transfer money, I did not ask and I also did not feel good, but with their wishes so I admit that it also includes results from the internet even from the results of services.

I have only been selling AdSense for 2 months. 19 accounts use 5 blogs that I use for livestock, so I dare to write this article and monggo up to the judgment of the readers and masters, I have explained everything on this blog without anything I cover about the way I get AdSense and I sell $ 250 plus domains.

How to get money from Google

Money from Google is certain from Google Adsense, for those of you who already have a blog but don’t have AdSense yet please click the Right Way to Receive Google Adsense.

This article is specifically for beginners who want to get into the world of the Internet, sorry (if anyone doubts because my ability is still 0 / empty) here in this article I do not write fake tricks on how to make money from the internet in a fast time, even though I am 2 months can generate 19 pure AdSense from a blog, but I also have many failures before these 2 months. I do not encourage those who are happy with something instant to continue reading this article, because, on the contrary, I invite you to understand more deeply and establish a strong foundation for survival and finally success through the internet with courage and origin, not with instant desire.

NOTE: Making money on the internet is not easy.

Honestly, you have to know that making money on the internet is difficult at first. Not only difficult but very difficult. You must have a stable income or at least enough pocket money to survive and grow your business on the internet.

For those who already have Google AdSense, but want to try livestock Adsense, please use the trick on how to get the Google Adsense livestock that I have used on the blog

So for those of you who don’t have money or are even in debt, I suggest: Look for a job first, I’m not kidding, you will have trouble later if you don’t have enough capital, at least to cover your daily expenses, you can’t eat it is also impossible for you to sit not while drinking coffee at all. Most people fail because they make money on the internet at the wrong time. Believe me, my goal here is to help beginners in the internet world to understand what they have to do, so fight first while working and may resign if you feel that income on the internet is enough or even more like and master

How to get money without capital

There is no way to get money without capital?
All that requires capital, your time, a little capital is also certain like internet data every month.
So the answer all need capital even though not much.

You need money to make money, this must be your guideline to stay motivated because everyone needs money to be able to earn millions of money. So as a beginner, learn the ways while you work before you really jump into the world of the internet.

Many tutorials that explain the key to making money on the internet quickly are easy (it’s easy for those who have been sick for years and now live to absorb their knowledge) they say just increase website traffic and embed affiliate anchor links in each article. That is a trap. Because they also want to promote their own affiliate links.

The affiliate business is complicated, very complicated, with lots of temptations, 80% of those who just join in eventually fail. Who gets the most money? those who have more money to invest (have the capital), they prepare the money to buy articles for SEO masters so that their website perched on the first page of Google.

Those who have money to buy SEO tools or services to quickly make a dollar, also invest a lot of money on Facebook ads or Google Adwords, those who are earning from the internet have already spent millions of dollars in investing their sites, and they have money to buy traffic, backlinks and the like.

Do not believe? Please join in the Indonesian publisher community forum (, where you will find masters who have produced hundreds of millions and even billions of rupiah with tens of millions of dollars in capital per month to buy tools and services such as Google AdWords, SEO Articles, Backlinks, etc. They have money to make more money than that.

So, the first step is to understand that you need money to make money.

Focus on One Purpose

You cannot and cannot focus on many things. I have experienced this before and was tempted and continue to be tempted to see a friend’s blog from Google AdSense and then create a blog, a day later I saw viral news on Facebook and also on TV. produce 8.8 billion from YouTube “then immediately I switched direction to monetize YouTube, then there was another news” How to generate 100 $ in 24 hours with an affiliate program “then I moved again to the affiliate market.

This is confusion in ourselves if we have not mastered and understood what our character and abilities are in the field so that enthusiasm to get results in all areas of the online business becomes convoluted and confusing, everything I mentioned above is good, but not practically. If you follow too much then your focus is lost and you will fail because of the limited time divided by the number of projects you want to work on, but it can actually stop in the middle of the road.

The main key, you have to focus on one of the areas that you might be able to if you spend your time learning all about the field. Want it to make money from a blog, or become a YouTube Partner, or join an affiliate program or another service.

My advice is to find the first 1 field that you are interested in and roughly you can continue in that field (If I myself just started on the Blog) and especially don’t be tempted by the lure of rupiah from other fields, you should focus on 1 the field to understand all the details.

For example: especially at the beginning you jumped into an Internet Marketer. Look at those who are successful IMers in the online world and earn hundreds of millions of knowledge techniques that they don’t get for a while until they all become experts in their respective fields. What makes them make a lot of money on the internet? it’s because they don’t focus on a lot of things but they focus on one area they explore their knowledge to become experts.

Don’t expect instant results. Very many people are looking for tutorials on how to get money from the internet quickly. I personally blame those who made the trick tutorial, because they actually want information-hungry people to buy either the product or their affiliate link with false hopes.

Before you do everything, look for successful people from the internet and if you read the struggles of successful people on the internet, you will realize that they have failed more before success. There are even those who have not made money for months or even years to spend money during that time, but they know that if they continue to learn and develop they will eventually succeed on the internet to become those who are now, who earn their money using thoughts and determination from falling wake up on their own for years.

This is related to the first point, at first while you are studying Internet Marketing, your regular job (Salary / Income) can be used to finance your life and possibly dependents if you have a family, if there is no fixed income, you will be depressed and the wrong step (like buying a fake Ebook because it’s quickly tempted by the lure of earning $ 10.00 a day). With a steady income, you will be more comfortable learning and finding ways to make money on the internet with the knowledge that you can yourself, the science of falling upon your own later. With enough salary backing too, so you realize that you don’t need instant results in the internet world.

I am sure if you join the Facebook group that discusses tips on making money on the internet, you will often see comments like “I give up the AdSense list, don’t accept it” or something like that.

Why are they commenting like that? “BECAUSE THEY were GIVEN TOO FAST, THEY GIVE UP FOR LESS”. They give up before getting results because from the beginning they want instant ones. As I said above, “DON’T HOPE INSTANT SUCCESS” If making money on the internet is easy, surely everyone does not work as a construction laborer, it is a cleaning service, so workers on the streets, right?

We should be grateful that IM is not easy, so not everyone can survive here, who will become an office employee if IM is easy? Hehehe

IMers are like professional athletes who practice nonstop, they keep reading, learning, doing tests nonstop too. If you really want to make money on the internet, touch this point and promise yourself to never give up!


Don’t act like IMers who have already gotten billions of money and entered materialistic traps. Those who shop this and are blinded by their first income from the internet are difficult to develop and more successful. You must be humble and stay focused.

An online business can rotate 180 degrees, if you lose your focus it will fall, if you do not continue to try many things and experiment you also will not increase knowledge and eliminate the intention to show off to others or desire to be considered a master of success, the intention is not making you richer but you just fall because of your arrogant intentions. So be humble.

So how should the income be used?

Buy computers, laptops, smartphones, tools, and software, or anything that helps develop your online business.

You also have to set aside the results to improve your ability in the field of Internet Marketing, such as participating in training or online courses for those who are superior to you so that your business is increasingly advanced Think of Internet Marketing as a real business that you must hold every day.

Validity often occurs at this point, People think that in their online business they can work at will and succeed quickly. It is true, one of the advantages of IM is to work wherever you want as long as there is an internet connection and you determine the time yourself. But you will not succeed quickly if you are lazy, knowing that IM is a real business.

Suppose you work in a large company where the company produces hundreds of millions, which is also a very large company that pays you. But what if you go in and go around while working in the office? Of course, you will be fired instead.

Like that, it’s like you manage your internet business, so every day you have to manage it just like when you work in real-time.

Ah, many people who have succeeded in online business only work 2 hours a day!

Yes right, but at the beginning of their online business, I made sure they worked 20 hours a day! In the world of Internet Marketing, Be a professional like you are in the office, reply to emails quickly, answer questions written by readers, like a real business.

Quick Ways to Get Lots of Money from the Internet

Have you ever asked yourself, why are you looking for the keyword “How to Make Money on the Internet Quickly”? Nothing, bro, everything must start from zero and have to go through a long process, so there is no way to make money on the internet quickly.

All articles, ebooks, online courses explain the main purpose of Internet Marketing is to create a system that generates money and works automatically.

Start by creating a blog

To start from the beginning, it would be nice if you learn to create a blog first to be the start of your business, just like me who only has this free blog I just started.

For example to make money on a blog the steps are:

  • Choose a niche.
  • Create a blog.
  • Write an article.
  • Build traffic to the blog.
  • Placing ad.

Beres, simple isn’t it? only 5 steps to making money through a blog. That’s why many people are tempted to make money through blogs. But the reality is simple it doesn’t mean it’s easy after your ad is proud but confused about taking care of it, that’s what happens among bloggers.

My message is to manage with intention and earnest if you want to get money from the internet.

For those who really want to concentrate on the blog, I suggest you read How to Start Creating a Professional Blog first.

If you really want to make money on the internet, you have to get rid of the habit of looking for such fast ways. There is no guarantee that you can get a few rupiahs in so many days, too many variables to be used as references, it all depends on how you understand each step.

So ask yourself “do I really understand every step of making money on the internet?”

From now on, try to focus on exploring each step, who knows there is the science that you haven’t understood in a certain step, rather than looking for “How to quickly make money from blogs”, better search for “How to choose the right niche” “ etc.

Finally, I hope this article doesn’t scare you, especially for beginners. I really hope this article helps you to be more understanding and motivated to get success from the internet.