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5 Easy Steps To Get Google’s First Rank Without Backlinks

5 Easy Steps To Get Google’s First Rank Without Backlinks?? Read on to the end because here is the best google SEO method for content without backlinks that you must apply!

The main common problem for those who are in the world of blogging is how to get the front position of the search engines even without backlinks.

This applies to you and Me.

The backlink function is indeed very helpful for websites to get references.

Other functions so that our web is easy to find.

But did you know that search engines are also more sensitive in choosing links that provide content that is of primary value in choosing keywords?

This means that Google currently prioritizes keywords over references (Backlinks)

This post is a way that I think is very useful for you, especially for beginners who want to get the first rank in Google without backlinks.

But remember, even though this method is good to develop, Backlinks still play an important role for the website and never leave backlink hunting optimization.

Because like it or not, our website or blog should get backlinks.

The better the backlinks you can get, the better it will be for search engines.

As we all know that backlinks are the foundation and are believed to be very important to get the first rank on the first page of Google.

However, there are ways to rank well in Google search results without backlinks.

All you have to do is follow a few easy steps that I have shared and don’t skip any of the tutorials.

Some of you will find it difficult but it is not impossible that you will be able to do it.

1# Use weak keywords

It’s up to you whether you like it or not by choosing weak keywords.

We are in the business world and have a large number of competitors, bro!

Just imagine if the weapon you have is only an air gun and is willing to compete with big, more deadly weapons.

Of course, your equipment will be difficult to win and that means you will find it difficult to compete with large websites in the same niche as your website or blog.

You must know how to properly research keywords and use them then choose keywords that have low search volume that can drive traffic sources to your website or blog.

Weak keywords that have fewer search counts will be ignored by large websites so we can take advantage of this.

2 # Create interesting content with appropriate keywords

Understand how How to create an SEO and interesting blog article because interesting content is a strong factor for getting traffic on a blog.

Please learn how to make quality articles.

You are either included in the list of search results or you still can get traffic because the content is interesting, informative, and valuable.

Choose the right and appropriate keywords and make articles of valuable quality.

Most bloggers don’t know how to use targeted keywords when writing an article.

Place the keywords in a more SEO position when you have got a keyword.

Get low search keywords that can drive traffic to your blog with less competition.

Even though the competition is lacking, never underestimate it. It’s precisely the secret to the success of big and well-known blogs starting from low keywords.

Where to Put Good Keywords ??

– Place targeted keywords in the title.
– Enter keywords in the first paragraph of the article.
– Enter keywords in the subtitles
– Write keywords in image Alt tags

3 # Do Ping Every Time Make Finish Creating Articles

Every time you finish creating a news article you have to tell the search engine bots that you recently updated your blog with new content.

This will help the search engine robots crawl the article links on your website.

There are so many ping provider sites, try searching on google. Or you can try Web Ping.

But remember, Don’t ping the same URL again and again, it will make your website considered spam.

Ping your URL just once after publishing an article by filling in a few simple words.
pinging is the process of notifying search engines that there is a recent update on your website.

The main objective is to increase the chances of your site getting indexed quickly by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and the like.

When Should You Ping?

– When new keywords are created to be indexed by search engines.
– When you have got backlinks from well-known sites.
– When there is the latest content update on your website.

4 # Use Long Keywords

The number of searches for short keywords comes from the accumulation of longer keyword searches that contain those short keywords….

Note that the keyword “keywords” has an accumulated number of search results from keywords in abstracts, keywords in paragraphs, and others.

On the Google search engine, if you type in keywords, you will see some additional words that are added at the beginning or end of what you type.

That means someone has already typed the sentence before you currently type it.

This is also called google suggest. Learn here How to Use Keyword Suggestions

Using long keywords will give you a better chance of getting high rankings even without backlinks.

The longer the keyword, the higher your chances of ranking well.

5# Be the First to Load a Story

If your article discusses tricks, tutorials, or other things, as much as possible, you will be the first to publish an article that is told in your way first.

There are so many competitors who are always updated. So you should decide when your article wants to be published.

By letting the search engines know that you were the first to publish this article

How specific? that is, make long articles with long keywords.

That way your website has the potential to be at the top of search engines because search engines already know that you have the right to be in front.


I have used this method and technique in several of my other blogs and it is proven that some of my articles can be on the front even without a backlink.