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WP Fastest Cache: Increase Website Loading Speed ​​2021

WP Fastest Cache – There are many ways to increase the loading speed of a website, one of which is using a caching plugin.

Using the right caching plugins can increase website speed by reducing the performance of the hosting server.

What is Cache?

Caching are website files that are temporarily stored in memory so that when a visitor repeatedly accesses the website, the browser saves all of your website information.

One of the functions of caching is to reduce server performance and save bandwidth. The cache is not only in the browser but also on the server. It depends on how the sysadmin is set up.

For cache on this server, the function is the same, when a visitor accesses the website, the assets sent to the visitor are caching files.

In this article, I will provide a tutorial on how to properly set up WP Fastest Cache free to be able to increase website loading speed.

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Plugin WP Fastest Cache

WP Fastest Cache is one of the recommended cache plugins with more than 1 million active users at the time of this article. This plugin has a very compact interface, is easy to use, and works well on all types of web servers.

WP Fastest Cache plugin can provide the best solution for speeding up WordPress easily. This plugin is available in two versions, free and paid (premium). In the premium version, this plugin provides cache statistics, image optimization, and database optimization features.

How to Install the WP Fastest Cache Plugin

  1. Enter the Dashboard
  2. Click the plugins menu »Add New
  3. Search WP Fastest Cache in the search field
  4. Click the Install Now button
  5. Click the Activate button

After successfully installing the plugin, then get to know the menus and features contained in the WP Fastest Cache plugin.

In the free version of this plugin, there is a menu that is easy to use for beginners so that it can increase the loading speed of a WordPress website.


In this menu, there are many main features of this plugin. These features can be used with just a touch making it easy to operate.

Main feature

  1. Cache System
  2. Widget Cache
  3. Preload
  4. Logged-in User
  5. Mobile
  6. Mobile Theme
  7. New Post
  8. Update Post
  9. Minify HTML
  10. Minify HTML Plus
  11. Minify CSS
  12. Minify CSS Plus
  13. Combine CSS
  14. Minify JS
  15. Combine JS
  16. Combine JS Plus
  17. Gzip
  18. Delete Emojis
  19. Render Blocking JS
  20. Google Fonts
  21. Lazy load

Delete Cache

This menu displays the cache statistics of your website and contains Clear All Cached and Delete Cache and Minify CSS and JS buttons. Unfortunately, the cache statistics in the free version cannot be used.

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Image Optimization

A premium feature that compresses images losslessly. With this feature, it can increase the score on Gtmetrix.


If one of the minify settings breaks your website, look at the source code, find any problematic CSS or JavaScript files, and exclude the file from minification by adding a new CSS + JS rule.


With this menu, you can set the website to use a CDN, both free ones like Photon and Cloudflare as well as paid ones like Stackpath and other CDNs.

Enabling CDN on your website can increase loading speed and reduce server performance.

DB (Database)

This menu serves to clean the database from trash so that your database is more optimized.

With the features in this free version, we can maximize the performance of a WordPress website. Next, how to set the correct WP Fastest Cache plugin.

How to Setting WP Fastest Cache

After getting to know the parts of this one cache plugin, the next step is how to configure the plugin so that it can optimize your WordPress website.

  1. Cache System: Enable
    Enable the cache function of the plugin.
  2. Preload: Unlock
    Enable preload so that the plugin can cache the entire website automatically.For shared hosting users, it is better if you manage 4 – 6 pages per minute, while for VPS users you can manage around 10 – 12 pages per minute.
  1. Logged in users: Enable
    By enabling this feature when logging in to the website, you will not get a cached version of the website.
  2. Mobile: Unlock
    This serves to prevent the cache for the desktop from being given to mobile user visitors.
  3. New Articles: Activate
    Enabling this feature will clear all cache when an article or page is updated.
  1. Update Articles: Activate
    This feature works when there is a page update or blog post, then the cache will be removed from the homepage, categories, tags, and pagination.
  1. Minimize HTML: Enable
    Enabling this feature can reduce the HTML size on a WordPress website.
  2. Minify CSS: Enable
    Minimizing CSS is an effort that can improve website performance.
  3. Combine CSS: Enable
    Merging multiple CSS files into 1 file makes fewer HTTP requests.
  4. Merge JS: Enable
    This feature serves to turn several JS files into 1 Js file.
  5. Gzip: Enable
    Gzip works to reduce the file size that the server sends to the browser (reduces the transfer time between the server and the browser).
  6. Browser Caching: Enable
    Enable this feature to increase the speed of repeated visits to your website.
  7. Disable Emoji: Enable it
    Enabling this can remove emojis which causes slower load times.
  8. Click the button Submit.

Once you are done configuring WP Fastest Cache settings, clear the cache, and minimized CSS / JS from the menu Delete Cache.

Please do the test using online tools such as Gtmetrix, Google Page Speed ​​, and other alternatives.

How to Use Photon CDN in WP Fastest Cache

If you want to use a free image CDN, you can use the Photon CDN. Follow these steps to be able to use it.

  1. Go to the menu CDN
  2. Click CDN by Photon
  3. Choose URL CDN
  4. Click the button Next
  5. Tick ​​all Type File
  6. Click the button Next
  7. Click the button to finish

Test it using the dev tools in your browser. This Photon CDN will change your image format to .webp if the browser is compatible.

Hopefully, this article can provide a solution for the website to be fast when accessed.

Don’t forget to share this article with other WordPress themes or users so that the website is well optimized and don’t forget to always back up the website before doing this tutorial in case of an error.