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Understanding the Backlink Function and How to Make it : Understanding the Backlink Function and How to Make it. We all know so many bloggers from the past until now are still confused about backlinks, for laymen like me. Even though as bloggers we need to know the definition of backlinks and the functions and uses of these backlinks, which we really need to know the meaning and benefits of.

Let’s get to know what is meant by backlinks and how to make the right backlinks on a blog or on a website. Especially, the dofollow backlink function according to the Google algorithm which turns out to continue to experience significant changes from year to year. This is of course Google wants to see what quality bloggers are like and how seriousness is to develop among bloggers or site owners about increasing the SERP position of their blogs and websites on the Google search engine.

I hope this article can help you to know more clearly what backlinks are and their functions and how to create them. so that we really look focused on managing our own site.

There are several important points for getting to know the backlink function which I will discuss in this article.

My hope is in sharing this information so that there is no more wrong action in hunting for backlinks because you need to know that backlinks are very much needed and must be owned for the development of a website.

Because it is very important and very necessary, we should not choose backlinks at random, let alone backlinks that are usually sold cheaply for 100 thousand and get hundreds of backlinks, if you choose something like that, fix you have wasted your money for something it breaks your own site.

My experience of buying backlinks for 100 thousand and getting lots of backlinks does not increase the quality of my site’s prestige, I have even tried to monitor it for 7 months and every day I always update posts but there is no effect whatsoever from the results of these cheap backlinks.

So from that, if you want to hunt for backlinks, you have to really look at the quality of the backlink itself, which if will be very useful for your site in the future. Indeed, we have to spend a lot of money to get quality but we will know the benefits in the long term and in the future.

The backlink is a link or a link located on another site that leads to the website that we manage. If in the real world we can say that we have a shop, and our shop gets referrals from other stores because maybe we have products that other people don’t have.

So that from other people’s references we will get a name and make our site more familiar and weighty, this is about like this in short when compared to the real world.

Another definition is also known as inbound links and we can usually see this in SEO plugins such as rank math and other SEO plugins when we write an article.

Backlinks are one of the most important weapons in the search engine optimization (SEO) development process. Therefore, I suggest you read this backlink discussion carefully until the end of this article.

What Does It Do and Try To Explain

The function of these backlinks is to help a site to be in a good position in search engines, the trend is called page-one or traveler.

On average, a site is always in the best position on search engines because it has a high level of quality backlinks so it really helps a site get a good position in the eyes of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex.

From this backlink, your site’s prestige can soar and you will definitely get benefits such as services or genuine income from the site.

You can create your own backlinks using profile sites and forums with good DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority), such as

There you can make an article and you insert your site into the article, with that you will get a pretty good backlink.

Another way is it is very easy to make the backlink because it is enough to use a little HTML script if you comment on a website and then fill in the URL address of the website that you manage in the comments form using the following command:

<a href=”“>your site title</a> “

There are two models, namely dofollow and nofollow and there are also two types, namely one way and two way. Let’s learn what each means:

  1. One-way backlinks are one-way backlinks that mean, only your links are planted on other blogs or websites without any backlinks from your blog.
    An easy example is site A implements a link to site B, but site B does not have the link on-site A
  2. Two-way backlinks The opposite of One Way Backlinks which both parties between site A and site B both enjoy the effect of optimization where link A is on-site B and also link B is on-site A.
  3. Dofollow backlinks in English, namely “follow” means a link from another website that we embed our website link will follow our site link.
  4. Nofollow backlinks while nofollow is the opposite of dofollow, which is not following our website links, but the backlink process still occurs if a link is on the nofollow site.

There is no suggestion from me for a tutorial on adding backlinks quickly because expert webmasters say that someone who adds or uses illegal means of planting large numbers of backlinks and will quickly be filtered into the search engine sandbox because they are considered spamming.

All website owners know exactly what impact they will get if they get a penalty from Google. Please read: Here’s how I can overcome possibly penalized or sandboxed by google

Then how to install a backlink, you can apply it to your neighbor’s blog comments or other websites, but not all blog owners provide donors for one-way links, so it’s smart to comment so that the link we plant is approved by the blog or website owner.

You can also apply through forum signatures such as and and other types of forums, there are several rules for posting our link on a web forum so always follow the rules so that our link is approved.

Through social bookmarking sites is also the best. With the submit blog / URL facility on the social bookmarking website, it is powerful enough to build our one-way blog link building.

There are lots of Social Bookmark sites that we can use in link-building development so please search them.

Well, that’s a little explanation regarding the complete understanding of backlinks and what is the function of backlinks and how to make them, hopefully, this article can be useful for you. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share this interesting article