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The Ideal Number of Internal Links In Posts

LUSO.US: The Ideal Number of Internal Links In Posts. Basically, every link in the article is used because it has a purpose. This goal is the basis on which we are navigating the user.

Until recently, some bloggers mistakenly assumed that internal links had nothing to do with the position of an article in search engines.

Assuming that the number of links that we use in the article cannot determine a good position on search engines.

But if you want to know, an internal link is navigation.

This navigation will then be considered very complete by search engine robots so that they can judge your article as relevant.

Therefore you need to know whether there is a limit or the number of internal links in the article so that the SEO quality of the article is better.

As I said above, articles that have links in them are articles that navigate users, that’s the reason why you should study the internal link strategy.

But regarding user navigation, it’s not just based on internal links in 1 article, because using outbound links is good for Seo optimization.

People use internal links because they want to reduce the blog’s bounce rate because the thinner the blog’s bounce is, the better the authority of each page will be and it will make it easier for you to get a good PA which is commonly known as Page Authority.

Please read the meaning of bounce rate and what are its effects on SEO ??

Take a look at the second paragraph above.

The first link directs you to learn the reasons for studying and strategizing internal links, while the second link tells you information that is very good for you to do and the third helps you so that you can understand your understanding of blog bounces.

So more or less the function and usefulness of such internal links.

So What’s the Ideal Number of Internal Links?

There is no limit to the number of links in an article.

So it’s well understood …

But imagine if your article only contains a collection of links … will it be considered relevant later?

We are currently under the most sophisticated algorithm where the relevance value of an article is the priority.

You may use a lot of links but make sure that every link that you include is a way that can distribute other pages, presumably those links have very close ties with the current discussion.

You can also not use internal links if you don’t think you need to embed a link … But again that a strong article is an article that can navigate users.

Internal Links Can Also Make Another Page Considered The Most Important Page

So the function for visitors is to navigate, while for the search engine itself it is a signal that a page that is being referred to is important and should be traced and equated with the value of the referring article.

Be careful using internal links, if they don’t match, it will only make 1 page very bad

The use of internal links also cannot be original.

When in 1 article you reference another page but it is not related to the article that you are currently making, the results will be very bad.

Apart from not being navigation, it will also be considered a manipulated technique so that the page ranks up.

So make no mistake …

Internal links can also make your web pages look bad.

But it can be overcome with help “rel nofollow” If the embedded link for another page is deemed not related to the current page.

But just set it to dofollow rel if the articles are related to each other and you think it is very relevant.

Use Manual Internal Link Strategies Don’t Use Automated Systems

There is a reason why some bloggers who understand SEO don’t use the related article widget in the body of the template.


Because in the related article widget, all pages will be considered the same level.

Meanwhile, we know that distributing link by link, page by page will form a good website structure. Therefore we need to determine which pages have very important value.

So making internal links correctly is the same as setting up a good website structure.

Usually, people use related article widgets because that person is lazy to post links or maybe they don’t know the actual function where each page can be determined which is the most important to distribute.

So it is certain that websites that rely on internal links will automatically lose better quality than webs that serve it manually.

In addition, visitors feel more suitable to be visited on the links that we point to than the links that appear automatically.

Always link page by page that is related only to each other (relevant)

To get excellent results then link only the relevant page links.

For example, if you are discussing new clothes, then link it to a page that also discusses clothes but doesn’t associate it with a page that discusses a new house, even though it is the same new but clothes and house are irrelevant, not the same.

So the number of internal links in one article has no limit.

Can be a lot or a little.

We only maximize how visitors can navigate properly because the main function of internal links is navigation.

Maybe you have another opinion?

Please leave your comments because they will be very constructive.