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The Effect of Duplicate Keywords on Website Ranking

LUSO.US: The Effect of Duplicate Keywords on Website Ranking. The current google algorithm confuses bloggers even more so that SEO practitioners are confused. Many websites with good rankings suddenly become bad. The website that used to be on the front page of Google is now missing somewhere.

Because this is such a tough test, optimization efforts were made to become a page one champion.

Even though whatever optimization efforts you do without knowing what the cause of your website which was number 1 suddenly disappears, don’t hope that everything can return to normal.

Of course, there are reasons why this happens and. For this reason, present this article MOBITRICKS so that you can understand the causes and can find out how to solve them.

The cause is duplicate keywords!

Duplicate Keyword Makes Website Ranking Decrease

What and how are these duplicate keywords?

This is different from stuffing keywords and the amount of keyword density in the article.

By duplicate keywords, I mean the use of the same keywords on each page.

A short example …

You create several articles with almost the same title but using the same keywords. For example;

  • Selling clothes online Cheap
  • Selling clothes online Premium Quality
  • Sell ​​Online Clothes Various Sizes

And without you knowing it, you are making an effort to increase the ranking (optimization) with the target keyword “Selling Clothes Online”

That is what is meant by duplicate keywords.

So duplicating these keywords is too many of the same keywords that you use on various pages.

The risk is if Google crawls your website and finds several posts with the same keywords then Google will select one of several pages with the level of relevance that Google determines.

Remember… Google determines.

Why doesn’t google fetch all those articles?

Of course, because Google chooses the most relevant one and doesn’t take it all because they are competing with each other for rankings.

This is actually very bad for the future of your website because it is not certain what Google has chosen according to our wishes as website owners.

And another bad impact is that Google may not take any of your posts because of an effort to catch up on ranking so that your website has a very drastic ranking drop.

How To Overcome These Duplicate Keywords?

Below is a brief but concise guide for you. Remember that what MOBITRICKS shares last forever since the latest 2019 algorithm was published.

1) Avoid Using the Same Title

Always pay attention that the title you make is not exactly the same as the previous title even though the discussion value is almost the same.

The title is very important.

We recommend that, if you want to enrich the keywords in your title, use the trick of making one title, many keywords

2) Don’t Use Excessive Tags

If you are a WordPress user, you are always faced with a tag feature for each content you create.

These tags are good if used as wisely as possible but will be a boomerang if you use them excessively.

For 10 posts on a website, you can use the same 1 tag. And this is one of the reasons your content finds duplicate keyword status.

3) Don’t Post Monotonous Articles

Monotone articles are articles where you publish some content but that’s all.

You just change the discussion, but the meaning is the same.

Articles like this can also make your website experience duplicate keywords. Not just duplicate content.

4) Always Use Different Descriptions

You may have received notifications from the webmaster console about duplicate meta descriptions?

The use of descriptions is also very important.

The same description determines that you are using the same keywords, so Google looks at 1 of the 2 descriptions.

The description is a short citation crawled by google. So, if this looks the same google will take only the one that is most significant with its relevant value.

5) Watch Every Permalink

Permalinks also sometimes contain keyword elements according to what we are targeting so make sure you use permalinks that are really neat and don’t smell of duplicates.

Only that…

If you follow the directions above then I believe your website will be in good condition and if you already have a bad authority it will return to normal and start to trust Google again.