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Google Question Hub Helps You Increase Blog Visitors

Google Question Hub is a new feature launched by Google and specifically for Content Creators.

As a Blogger you are really spoiled with this Google Question Hub feature …

As I will discuss in this article, it is using Google Question Hub to search for potential keywords.

Given that there are still many Bloggers, especially beginners, who still have difficulty doing keyword research.

Believe me, keyword research with Google Question Hub is the easiest way.

This article will guide you in how to research high, low-competition, high-search keywords.

Especially when compared to if you use the tools out there which makes you confused.

And this method has never been discussed by Bloggers out there, even though I’m sure many people already use it.

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So if in the meantime you are looking for ways to quickly increase blog visitors or how to increase visitors to your blog, then continue reading because I will share the tricks.

This is not a way to increase blog visitors with the software but a way to increase free website traffic using Google’s own free tools.

I Specialize This Way For You Beginner Bloggers Who Are Still Confused When Doing Keyword Research.

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As I wrote above, keyword research with Google Question Hub is the easiest way.

How come?

Because this method is recommended by Google …

And the keywords that you find later are clearly very specific and targeted, it is not even possible that you will find very potential keywords.

Many are looking for it, but there is no single competitor.

What is Google Question Hub?

Easily Google Question Hub is a feature that functions to accommodate various topics in the form of questions for which the answer is not yet available on Google Search.

Maybe you have searched for something on Google Search but there are no results that match your goals.

Now, what you are looking for will enter the Google Question Hub database and then serve it to Content Creators.

Your job as a Content Creator is to complete what is not in Google Search.

For now, Google Question Hub is only available in a few countries, fortunately, Indonesia is included in the list of countries that can enjoy this feature.

Keyword Research Steps Using Google Questions

Coming to the main topic, make sure you read carefully each step I describe so that you really understand.

The first step you have to do is register on Google Question Hub, just go to

On the start page, please click Sig Up at the top right …

Then you will be asked to choose a Gmail account, just choose the account that you use to manage the blog.

After selecting your Gmail account you will be asked to choose a Blog site that you will use to answer questions on the Google Question Hub.

For example, this time I chose a blog that discusses the Android Niche belonging to the faozy (my friend) …

Actually, you can choose more than one site, but as an example, I use only one site.

After you choose a site, please click Next …

In the next step you will be asked to choose the language of the question, according to the language of the blog you are using.

After you determine the language immediately click Get Started.

At the stage after selecting the language you will be asked to choose a question topic, for example, on this occasion I chose the topic Games.

After determining the topic, continue by clicking the Done button in the upper right corner.

Then next you are asked to select Sub-topics …

In this example I chose the Call Of duty …

After selecting the Topic and Sub-topic, you will immediately be presented with lots of questions from Google users who have successfully collected.

Of the many questions, make sure you only choose those that say “Asked Multiple Times” because your potential will get more visitors with these questions.

For example I encountered this question …

In fact, this is not just a keyword, but you can use it directly as an article title.

Without having to do a deeper analysis of course …

Your final task next is to use the question as an article idea.

For example, when I use keywords that I find .. The result is what can be used as an article idea.

In fact, the article immediately occupied the first page of Google search in a few minutes when I published it.

Even though it is a long tail and low competition, due to Google’s own free and free facilities, we are sure to get a lot of visitors.

Moreover, on the first page of the search with the query, there are no other sites that discuss it.


This is the best way for you to do it when you are building a new blog.


You will provide many new things that will complement Google search so that the authority of your blog will quickly increase.

In addition, you will also be able to easily find article ideas.

So that’s my discussion this time about how to easily increase blog visitors.