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Create A Blogspot Or WordPress Website: Which Is Best?

Blogspot and WordPress are platform popular websites for beginners. Although both CMS is easy to use, which one is better; to create a website with Blogspot or WordPress?

Create a Blogspot or WordPress Website

Today, you decide to create a website, whether it’s for an online store, blog, product catalog, or landing page.

Perhaps, your plan is to use the website as a source of traffic and sales. Maybe, too, to increase the visibility of the brand and present online presence.

Whatever your goals, there are two options before you: Blogspot or WordPress? Which is better for creating a website?

Blogspot General Comparison vs. WordPress

In making a choice, you are required to know your needs. After that, then you can choose which one you should use.

ConvenienceSimpleSimple, but can be very complex if needed
PriceStarting from IDR 0Need to rent hosting and buy a domain address
Number of pagesMaximum 20Infinite
OwnershipNot self-hosting can be turned off at any time by the provider (currently owned by Google)Because of self-hosting, You are the owner
FlexibilityLimitedVery flexible
SecuritySafe, provided by the providerSafe, but you are responsible for the security of your website.
Future PotentialRarely receive the update. The fate of your website depends on Google’s policies.WordPress is developed by the community. You are in control of the fate of your own website.
Moving / MigrationIt’s hard to do, you have to start over from scratch because it has an impact on SEO performance.Easy, your SEO performance is almost unaffected
Blogspot comparison table with WordPress based on certain parameters.

Based on these comparisons, WordPress is superior if you want to create an online store website, personal blog, company, organization, or institution.

The reason is that this type of website requires flexibility and complexity, and has a long-term vision. Blogspot cannot provide that vision.

At this time, maybe you are hesitant about choosing WordPress for security reasons. You must be responsible for website data, including data relating to user privacy.

The solution, you can use a proxy server on a WordPress-based website.

A proxy is a system that acts as a bridge between the user and the website. Its function is to prevent the network private hacked by hackers and open up geoblock due to restrictions on access from certain country IPs. For a complete explanation, what is a proxy? see here.

Blogspot & WordPress, Which One Should You Choose?

Even though you already know the advantages of WordPress over Blogspot, there are times when you feel confused.

Is now a good time to use WordPress?

Don’t worry.

This is where I help you make a choice.

Use Blogspot if you:

  • Want to make a website quickly,
  • Still in the testing phase,
  • There is no budget for website creation and maintenance,
  • There is no team for website maintenance,
  • Not concerned with SEO,
  • Just need a simple website.

Use WordPress if you:

  • Want to invest in online/digital marketing,
  • Already know what you want to achieve with the website,
  • Have a website creation and maintenance budget,
  • Have a team for website maintenance,
  • Want to strive to maximize SEO,
  • Need a website with complex features such as an order form, product archives, or how-to articles.

WordPress still holds the record for the most popular CMS with 35% of websites using WordPress. Every day, 500 ++ websites are built with WordPress.

In fact, 14.7% of the world’s most popular websites use WordPress. In addition, 22% of the most popular online store websites use WooCommerce, the most popular online store plugin on WordPress.

The facts above will certainly convince you to choose WordPress over Blogspot.

True or not?

Once your choice falls on WordPress, you have to choose hosting and address domain.

Choosing a WordPress Hosting

There are many service providers available for web hosting in the country, from well-known companies that you often see advertisements for, to providers hosting who just started.

In determining hosting WordPress, there are criteria that you must consider;

  • Location
    To determine the location hosting, select where most of the market segment is (user) You are. Is it Indonesia, SEA, EU, or US? Then, choose a location hosting server that is close to the user.
  • Access speed
    Although the location of the server determines the speed of access, you should choose hosting with a speed under 300 ms. Anything more, just leave it.
  • Customer Service
    In the future, you will be in contact with customer service frequently. Whether it’s migration-related, downtime, or distraction. Choose a provider with fast and responsive customer service.
  • Uptime
    You want your website to be up and running 24 hours a day. If uptime those offered are less than 99%, avoid providers hosting the.
  • Your requirements
    Customize options hosting You’re on a budget. Also consider the capacity, PHP version, to RAM.

It doesn’t matter if you want to start a website that starts from a blog containing articles. If this is your choice, use it cheap hosting for blogs so that the issued budget remains effective.

After your blog grows, upgrade the capacity of hosting these blogs to a higher specification.

Even if you move/migrate, you will have no trouble because you are already using WordPress. Your SEO performance won’t be impacted. The appearance and features of your blog will remain the same.

You only need to polish the blog so that it develops into a professional website that can attract user interest.

All that you can do easily using WordPress.


For the most part, WordPress offers long-term features and flexibility. You can overcome website data security with a proxy.

If you already have a budget and know what goals you want to achieve with a website, go with WordPress. In the future, you can add new features easily.

As a first step to creating a website with WordPress, select hosting wisely. It will be better if you try hosting cheap for the initial blog, then increase the capacity hosting when you’re ready.