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5 Effective Ways to Quickly Famous Blogs and Many Visitors

Mobitricks: 5 Effective Ways to Quickly Famous Blogs and Many Visitors. A blog that can quickly become famous will also get results that are often sought after by bloggers, namely lots of visitors. In order for all of this to be achieved, the blog owner should make efforts and efforts, namely a blog development process that is managed.

To get hundreds to thousands of visits a day, special tips are needed. You can not immediately say that after creating a new blog and then immediately hope that the next day there will be a lot of visitors.

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That is impossible, even for a yearlong blog, it is not necessarily easy to get hundreds of visitors, especially if you have spoken in the thousands. This needs to be realized, in order to easily achieve this desire, you as the owner of the blog must first instill these points:

  1. Attempted
  2. confidence and determination
  3. Discipline

When you uphold those 3 points, then you still have to go through several more stages such as promoting work ethic.

In principle, if you want to be famous, introduce yourself and your blog first.

If you want to get a lot of visitors, prioritize your work ethic, that is, get yourself famous first.

So how do you get famous so easily ??
It’s easy… Give them the best. That’s the main point!

Creating your blog so that it will be easily famous and immediately get a lot of visitors turns out to have a special procedure and you have to do this.

Visitors are a great asset to a blog that will later want to be monetized, of course with the many visitors to the blog that you have, it will make your blog a field to earn money.

What you have to do so that your blog can have a lot of visits every day, you should prioritize the focus first on what choice or the best way you have and share it with them. In this way, you will be well known by many people.

Maybe the first step is to promote by relying on adequate content on your blog.

Until now, we all still believe that content is king.
A few articles will not be a priority for a blog to be popular.

So before doing a promotion, you should first provide proper and active content on a regular basis and then do a promotion with several strategies according to what you know.

So what is the easiest way to make blogs famous and get lots of visitors ???

There are several effective ways for you so that your blog can be famous and immediately have a lot of visitors. This method is the best way that I will share this time.

This method is a tip with the style of promoting a blog with a different style so that the results that are your target quickly become famous. So listen carefully to the 5 best ways in this insight.

5 Effective Ways to Quickly Famous Blogs and Many Visitors

1) Introduce Blog To Multiple Search Engines

Many visitors can come from anywhere. Then the opportunity must be used as well as possible.

You can rely on search engines because someone is looking for an article of course using a search engine. Therefore, introduce your blog to search engines such as Google, yahoo. bing and several other search engines.

This is a very suitable way for you to do it and all professional bloggers will agree with this stagnation.

A search engine is like a highway, if in the real world you want to shop at a shop, of course, you are looking for the street name of the store, as well as for the blog you have, you want to display the name on the side of the road so that people can easily find it.

How to? Of course, by indexing the website to the search engine.

2) Through Social Networking Sites

The sites with the most users are social networking sites. You can use this opportunity to promote your blog. Facebook, Twitter, and Google + are sites that are again popular today.

You can use it in various ways with a good strategy. For example, on Facebook, you can create a fanspage and then invite friends to like the fanspage page that you have. Or maybe create a discussion group and then add some friends from your profession.

This second point is a very good starting point. When you can provide a plus for those social media users, just believe that what you will get is an abundance of visitors and the visit will continue until, in the end, your blog will continue to be flooded with visitors.

So how do you make them keep coming back ?? It’s easy!
Give your best by presenting informative information, not hoax stories, information that can solve their problems easily.

3) Introduce Blogger Fellowship

Introducing your blog to other bloggers is known as blog walking. The purpose of blog walking is to introduce your blog to other people’s blogs. This method is usually used through the comments form provided.

The best way to do blog walking by looking for similar themes and then good comments.

When the owner of the blog provides a name / URL you can use it to fill in the URL of your blog, but not a few who comment by placing an active link will be approved by the blog owner. So with that make good comments, don’t sleep, and do this as diligently as possible.

4. Introduce To Social Bookmarking Sites

There are so many social bookmarking sites that you can use to bookmark your articles. So the more sites you bookmark articles, the greater the chance to get lots of visitors.

The best way is to bookmark your article as much as possible, but you should modify the title and some of the content of the article first to avoid duplicate content.

In addition, bookmarking sites also function as backlink fields, the more backlinks the faster the indexing process in search engines.

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5. Introducing Your Blog Via Online Forums

Some netters who have the same interests usually gather in online forums so you can use online forums as a location to promote your blog.

You can join online forums such as or you can search for other forums on search engines because there are many online forums.

The most appropriate way is to create some threats that match your blog and then put a signature link with the rules that you must follow according to the rules of the forum.

I think the steps above are enough to build a blog with the aim of getting lots of visitors and becoming a well-known blog. Without you knowing it, very significant changes such as increasing backlinks to your blog after doing the steps above will produce extraordinary results.

But remember! All of the above are based on long-term hard work and intention. There is no instant way to become a successful blogger. Everything must start with a business. You can read how to become a successful blogger as a reference for further developments.

Thanks ~~