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Villa Angela Beach Villa Angela is part of Lakefront Reservation, operated by Cleveland Metroparks.

The information on this page is updated by the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District by 11:00 AM (EDT), every day during the swimming season. This nowcast issues advisories and predicts the probability once a day at the posted time. Storms are likely to result in a quick change in water quality.


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Date / time
Beach Advisory Information

Villa Angela

9/1/2014  /  6:16:00 AM
A swimming advisory is NOT in effect at this time
Date / time

Probability that E. coli exceeds the safe level (percent)

Water temperature (degrees F)
Wave height (feet)
Predicted water quality
Villa Angela
9/1/2014  /  6:16:00 AM
1.07% probability


Concentration (CFU / 100 mL)
Villa Angela
Villa Angela
Villa Angela

RP: Results pending
NS: No sample collected on this date.
Variables used in the Villa Angela nowcast models

Results from a rapid analytical method for E. coli—quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR)—are used to provide water-quality advisory information at Villa Angela. A standard curve is created by analyzing known quantities of E. coli by culture and qPCR; daily sample values are then extrapolated from the standard curve. If results indicate inhibition of qPCR or results for qPCR are not available for any other reason, a backup model is used (table below). To determine inhibition, a known amount of salmon DNA is added to an aliquot of the environmental sample and to a negative control sample. If the difference in Ct values between the two samples is greater than 2, the sample is considered inhibited.

Variables used in the backup model for Villa Angela


Model information

Explanatory variables

Villa Angela 2011-13


Backup model when qPCR results are not available


Threshold probability = 35%

         Sum of  turbidity and wave height

         Air temperature, field, degrees Celcius

         Water temperature, field, degrees Celcius

         Water pH, field

         Rainfall in the past 72 hours, weighted, Hopkins International Airport

         Wind speed, field, miles per hour

         Day of the year


View seasonal data on E. coli concentrations and water quality.

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