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Huntington WebcamHuntington Reservation (Bay Village, Oh) is operated by Cleveland Metroparks, The nowcast has been used at Huntington since 2006.

The information on this page is updated by the Cuyahoga County Board of Health by 9:30 AM (EDT) every day during the swimming season. This nowcast issues advisories and predicts the probability once a day at the posted time only. Storms are likely to result in a quick change in water quality.

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Date / time
Beach Advisory Information


9/1/2014   9:20:00 AM
A swimming advisory is NOT in effect at this time
Date / time

Probability that E. coli exceeds the safe level (percent)

Water temperature (degrees F)
Predicted water quality
9/1/2014   9:20:00 AM


Concentration (CFU / 100 mL)

RP: Results pending
NS: No sample collected on this date.

Variables used in the Huntington nowcast models

During 2014, there are three subseason models for Huntington and backup models for two of these models if radar data are not available for the nowcast. There is also one model for use on non-sampling days with data from only remote sources.

  Subseason 1
May - June 27
Subseason 2
June 28 - Aug 10
Subseason 3
Aug 11 - Sept 2
Subseason 1
Backup (radar not available)
Subseason 3
Backup (radar not available)
Non-sampling days remote model
Turbidity (log) X   X X    
Wave height X   X      
Sum of the log turbidity + wave height   X     X  
Water temperature X     X X  
Day of the year   X        
Lake level change in the previous 24 hours at the Cleveland station X     X   X
Onshore winds at 8:00 a.m. at Hopkins International Airport         X X
Instantaneous wind codea   X X      
Rainfall in the previous 48 hours, weighted, at Hopkins International Airport X          
Rainfall in the 24-hour period before sampling  at Hopkins International Airport (Hopkins D-1)    X   X X X
Rainfall in the 24-hour period 2 days before sampling  at Hopkins International Airport (Hopkins D-2)       X   X
Radar rainfall in the previous 24 hours, sum from six 4-kim grids surrounding the beach (Radar D-1) X   X     X
Sum of Hopkins D-1 + Radar D-1            
THRESHOLD PROBABILITY 25% 36% 36% 25% 36% 35%
a Wind code is 0.1 for no wind, 1 for winds 91 to 269 (SE, S, SW), and 2 for winds 270 to 90 (W, NW, N, NE, E) at the time of sampling. 


View seasonal data on E. coli concentrations and water quality.

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