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Welcome to the Ohio Nowcast for Fairport Harbor

Fairport Harbor Fairport Harbor is operated by Lake Metroparks and monitored by the Lake County General Health District.  This is the first year of the nowcast at Fairport Harbor.

The information on this page is updated by Lake County General Health District by 10:30 AM (EDT) every day during the swimming season. This nowcast issues advisories and predicts the probability once a day at the posted time only. Storms are likely to result in a quick change in water quality.

For futher information, contact Dan Lark (dlark@lcghd.org).

See you next year...

Date / time
Beach Advisory Information

Fairport Harbor

9/7/2015   9:00:00 AM
A swimming advisory is NOT in effect at this time
Date / time

Probability that E. coli exceeds the  safe level (percent)

Water temperature (degrees F)
Predicted water quality
Fairport Harbor
9/7/2015   9:00:00 AM


Culture method (MPN / 100 mL)
Fairport Harbor
Fairport Harbor
Fairport Harbor

RP: Results pending
NS: No sample collected on this date.

Variables used in the Fairport Harbor nowcast models

The variables below will be used in a model to predict the probability of exceeding the E. coli bathing-water standard of 235 most-probable number/100 mL (MPN/100 mL). If the probability exceeds the established threshold (25%), the beach is posted with a swimming advisory.

Fairport Harbor nowcast model―2015

Model information

Explanatory variables

Fairport Harbor 2012-14

Threshold probability = 25%

         Log turbidity

         Offshore wind component, measured at the USGS weather station at Mentor Headlands

         Rainfall in the past 24 hours, measured at the USGS weather station

The USGS operates a weather station at Mentor Headlands to measure wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, air temperature, net solar radiation, incident light, and rainfall. The site identification number for the weather station is as follows:

Weather station near Headlands State Park OH, 414514081175500

View seasonal data on E. coli concentrations and water quality.

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