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Is it safe to swim in the lake or canoe in the river?
To find out, local agencies monitor the water daily to determine levels of a bacterium, E. coli, found in sewage and other animal wastes. But because results of E. coli levels take 18-24 hours by conventional methods, we are using other quickly-obtained measurements to estimate when E. coli levels will be high. This is called a “nowcast.” Find out more about why we need the nowcast.

How does the nowcast work?
A nowcast estimates current conditions similar to how a weather “forecast” looks to the future. Find out more about how the nowcast works.

How does the nowcast perform?
We are continuously monitoring performance of the nowcast and working to improve the predictive abilities of the nowcast. Find out more about how the nowcast performed in past years.
Welcome to the Ohio Nowcast

A system that uses near real-time information to "nowcast" water-quality conditions at eight Lake Erie beaches, and one recreational river.

GOOD: E. coli levels are estimated to be within the water-quality standard and acceptable for swimming.
ADVISORY: E. coli levels are estimated to exceed the water-quality standard and are unacceptable for swimming.
INACTIVE: Shut down for the season.

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